Chesapeake Bay Fishing Charter

Fishing on the Chesapeake Bay is a great way to spend your day. For many people, their first time fishing is one of many days out on the bay. If you need an excuse to get out of the office, or away the jobsite, a fishing trip on the bay will fit the bill. If you have never been out, you will be “bitten” and will keep coming back. There is something about being out on the Chesapeake that is unlike anything else.

You can fish the Bay year round but the season really begins in April when the Striped Bass, or as it is also known the Rockfish or “Striper”, season opens. Spring Trophy season runs from mid April to mid May and this when you will find the biggest fish of the year. It is common to find fish over 40 inches long and weighing 40 lbs or more.  You WILL know when these fish are on!

In late Spring trolling gives way to chumming and live-lining. Hanging a live Spot on the hook and feeling the sharp tug as a nice size Rockfish swallows it whole is a feeling you won’t soon forget.

With the arrival of Summer, Rockfish are joined by Bluefish and sometimes Spanish Mackerel in the mid-bay region. Mackerel are efficient predators and will put up a good fight when hooked.  High speed trolling is the preferred method to land these fish.

As Fall arrives and the bay water temperature drops, the Bluefish and Mackerel head out of the Bay.  In late Fall, the trophy stripers that we target in early spring sometimes return to feed on the huge amount of baitfish that has congregated in the region. Like Spring fishing, slow trolling can produce a quick limit of mid 30 inch range beasts.