Depending on the time of year you book your trip aboard the Casey Michelle III, the catch might be Rockfish mixed with Blues or even Spanish Mackerel. Here is some interesting information on these fish species:

Rockfish/Striped Bass:

Also known as "stripers" this fish is the trophy of the Bay and is also the most valuable and popular recreational fish in the Chesapeake. The main trophy season for Rockfish begins in mid April and lasts through mid May with a limit of one fish per person. During this time "stripers" of 40lbs are not uncommon. These big "trophies" sometimes come back again in late fall for more great fishing. From mid May to mid December the limit increases to two fish per person. These fish can be caught trolling, live-lining, chumming, and jigging.


Bluefish start to show up in the mid-bay region during early summer and typically stay until late October, when the water temperature starts to drop. They are always fun to catch with a hard strike and a good fight. They typically range in size from 2-6 lbs. These fish can be caught most often by trolling, live-lining, chumming and and jigging.

Spanish Mackerel:

This fish has a bluish-colored back and silvery belly with brassy spots on its sides. They can grow to more than 2 feet in length. Mackerel are most often found in the mid-bay from August to September. These fish are typically caught high-speed trolling. There are other fish that we may encounter during our day so....

Remember when fishing the Chesapeake Bay, anything is possible. Who knows what might end up on the hook.  At certain times during the fishing season we will also fishing for Spot, Croaker, and White Perch after catching our limit of Rockfish and if time allows.